Christ Indianapolis United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 31, 2023
To Make Disciples For Jesus Christ For The Transformation Of The World!


Dear Friend, 

Welcome to Christ Indianapolis United Methodist Church, We are a congregation that thinks and lives Outreach, Discipleship, and Mission. Our desire, as we make new relationships, grow deeper in our relationship with our Savior, and enlarge our circle of relationship, is to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, he who said, "Go and make disciples..."

We are a Scripture centered congregation. There are many Bible Study opportunities for you every week. Our Sunday morning worship and preaching are Scripture centered, and the Bible for us is both Truth and Authority.

We reach out to people of all ages and stages of life. Through our Preschool, through our children and youth programming, including Boy Scout Troop 545, through senior activities, women's activities, sports, fellowship and study, we work to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ in positive ways. We seek to offer help and hope to hurting people. 

We want you to be welcome in this church family we call Christ United Methodist Church. Consider yourself invited!


David H. Lee, Senior Pastor


As Christ has come seeking us, welcoming us into God's Kingdom
so we reach out to all who will come, welcoming all who will love Jesus.
As we grow deeper in relationship with Christ,
so we grow together and become His body.
Jesus sends us out to offer help
and hope to hurting people.