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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Employment Opportunity

Media TechNician

WE ARE HIRING : MEDIA TECHNICIAN 6 hours per week at a rate of $25.00 an hour.
Missional Overview: A part-time position to develop and maintain online streaming for weekly church services.
Accountable to:
Communications Coordinator-for day-to-day supervision and direction.
Pastor-Parish Committee-for annual review and job description changes.
Responsibilities: a. Produce and oversee live stream and recorded worship presentations in coordination with the Communications Coordinator. b. Ensure and enhance CIUMC’s online experience. c. Provide supervision for technical components for all weekend services including, sound, lights, videos, etc. d. Ensure the recording and/or broadcast of worship services and other CIUMC related events as directed by the Communication Coordinator. e. Plans, designs, and installs equipment upgrades and identifies new equipment needs. f. Provides leadership and oversight to all system support (audio, video, and lighting) for the live streaming experience, including the operation and maintenance of all gear. g. Recruits, leads, and provides ongoing training and development of volunteer production team h. Schedules volunteer production staff for required worship services and events. i. Partner with other CIUMC ministries to assist with technical needs for their special events.
Working Conditions: a. Expected to be present on site at CIUMC on Sundays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm with an additional 2 hours per week for necessary planning, set up, clean up, etc. When it is necessary for the technician to be absent because of illness or vacation, the technician is expected to make provision for adequate coverage so that streaming of worship services, and/or other required events, may continue without interruption. b. May have the opportunity to produce and oversee live streaming of special events such as weddings or funerals as necessary. Additional compensation will be provided at the set hourly rate. c. Priority of duties shall be determined in coordination with the Senior Pastor and Communications Coordinator. d. Annual evaluation completed by the Senior Pastor, Communications Coordinator, and PastorParish Committee. e. There are no benefits associated with this position such as Medical or Life Insurance.
Preferred Qualifications: a. Experience in audio engineering, live video, social media platforms, A/V technology, and graphic design preferred. b. Knowledgeable with various computer-based broadcast mixing systems and video editing software. c. Experience with leading a volunteer (ministry) team. d. Broad experience working with a variety of audio, video, media and lighting equipment. e. A team player with strong communication and leadership skills. f. Creativity and attention to details. g. Problem solving abilities, troubleshooting, and adaptability under stressful situations.
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WE ARE HIRING : Part-Time FACILITY CUSTODIANS 20 hours per week at a rate of $15.00 an hour.
Missional Overview: A position with direct and shared responsibility for the general cleaning and light maintenance of the church interior and the CUMC Preschool.
Accountable to:
The Facilities Maintenance for day-to-day supervision and direction, the Preschool Director in coordination with the Pastor-Parish Committee for bi-annual review and job description changes, and the Board of Trustees for policy direction.
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