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Friday, January 18, 2019
To Make Disciples For Jesus Christ For The Transformation Of The World!

Faith Promise Missions

Our Faith Promise Pledge year runs from April 1 through March 31 each year. Below you will find the description of the mission areas we supported for 2016-2017.

We have been blessed to have given $59,138.58 for missions in 2016-2017.
Local/National Mission:
     Our United Methodist Women, along with our men, have been serving the LOAVES Meal each month at Fletcher Place. Our church as been serving between 75-100 people each month. The LOAVES Meal was begun in 1983 to serve dinners on Monday and Wednesdays from 300-4:30 pm. there is also a food pantry and thrift store where clients can receive food and clothing. Currently, we are serving on the 4th Monday of the month.
     The money we give provides assistance with the SPARK After School Tutoring program that meets Monday through Thursday from 4:00-6:00 pm. Meals are provided by volunteers from various local churches. They serve the Martindale-Brightwood and adjoining communities. Children range from K-8. Our money is also used for meals during the summer program. S=SERVICE, P=PASSION, A=ACHIEVEMENT, R=RESPONSIBILITY and K=KNOWLEDGE. Children receive: homework assistance, encouragement, free books, hot meals, tutoring, recognition for achievements, recreation, and confidence building activities.
     The Fletcher Place Community Center ministry began in 1872 with the start of the Fletcher Place Methodist Episcopal Church. Their work began as an outreach to immigrants and families in need. In 1930 their preschool program was started. During that same year the Goodwill program began, that in 1944 became independent and known as Goodwill Industries of Indianapolis.
     Preschool is so very important to the future educational success of our young children in the area served. Education is key to beating poverty and the area served has a dismal high school graduation rate. The Fletcher Place Preschool prepares young children for elementary school success that will continue on to high school graduation. A current Fletcher Place Preschool Teacher was once a Fletcher Place Community Center Preschool student herself!
     The Indiana United Methodist Children's Home is a treatment facility dedicated to helping emotionally troubled youth. The Indiana United Methodist Children's Home operates on the highly effective Teaching Family Model. Each home accommodates a new and innovative way of caring for children called the Teaching Family Model. The goal is to provide a less institutional way of caring for youth. Each child has their own bedroom.
     They assist youth and their families in remediation of problems and provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for learning critical social and academic skills. The biggest success of this program involves the high level of input the youth have in the treatment program and environment. The opportunity to express their ideas and suggestions increases youth satisfaction, interest and investment in the success of the program. In 2016, the new James E. Davis School was completed replacing the old school that had been in use for 42 years. The new school contains 7 classrooms with state of the art technology, library, cafe, gymnasium, and a school store.
     Throughout the summer of 2016, CUMC fully funded 21 individual youth to attend church camp. With the rising cost of camp, we hope to continue to help support our youth of all ages to attend church camp each year. This is something so special that our congregation is able to do for our youth, and is very much appreciated by the youth, their parents, and our youth leaders.
     We elected to support the Bishop's Appeal for campgrounds designating our money to Camp Indi-Co-So.
International Mission:
     The stated purpose is "To provide expertise and resources needed by the church in Africa for making Christian disciples." Joy in the Harvest has one full time missionary family - The Wertz Family. The main base of overseas mission operations in Africa is located in Kigoma, Tanzania on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. They have more than 30 Africans on staff. Their USA mission operation is based out of Illinois.
     Joy in the Harvest is involved in several types of projects in Africa. They play a supporting role for the work of churches, pastors, and evangelists. Their assistance includes help with church construction, training seminars, and practical helps. They also interface with other missionaries and mission organizations. They are proud of their involvement across denominational lines and believe in the importance of Christian unity. Their projects range from Mobile Medical Clinics, Crisis Intervention (where they take care of transportation, medical expenses and care at hospitals that can best treat the person), Kigoma Feeding Center (serves 54,000 meals annually to the hungry-many of whom are street children and orphans.
     They believe in ministering to the total person. Projects are designed to help Africans receive training and education so that they are able to find meaningful employment and support for their families.
     Their mission is that as Christians we should render assistance to the poor, sick and needy. Joy in the Harvest helps operate a destitute camp for cripples and handicapped Africans, runs a program of emergency assistance for the desperately needy and sick, and runs a feeding program for the hungry.
     Joy in the Harvest is a Christian organization. Specifically, it is an organization that is participating in the "Great Commission" of Jesus Christ to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matthew 18:19-20
     Joy in the Harvest provides training for Evangelism and Church Planting, provides Compassion Ministries (feeding the poor, medical treatment), Apprenticeship and Vocational Training and Technical Ministries. In February 2016, they launched their FM station Radio JOY, providing jobs for 10 Tanzanians with a goal of expanding to 50. Station broadcasts not only music, but public service announcements and medical programming.
     Moshe is of European and South American descent. He grew up in South America and later discipled Jewish believers for more than 10 years in the United States. Both sets of his grandparents were Jews from Europe who escaped to South America during World War I (maternal) and World War II (paternal).
     Just before his bar mitzvah, Moshe became a Messianic believer. At that time, he understood that God would use his life for God's kingdom. He received his call to serve in Israel while in seminary, more than 20 years ago. But after many years of doors closing, today, Moshe lives in Israel with his wife and four children, where they serve the Lord in a messianic congregation.
     Mission Guatemala, Inc. was founded by the Rev. Tom Heaton, an Indiana United Methodist Pastor, who has been supporting the needs of the poor since 2000. In the spring of 2009 Mission Guatemala was founded to help meet the basic needs and improve the quality of life of under-served and impoverished Guatemalan peoples through health, education and nutrition initiatives and missionary service. The organization's philosophy is based on John Wesley's teaching to "do all the good you can."

     Three decades ago, the African bishops of The United Methodist Church called on the church to invest in higher education in Africa - "a university for all of Africa." By the turn of this century, one-fifth of the world's population will live in Africa. The General Conference of The United Methodist Church unanimously approved the founding of Africa University and made a commitment to provide financial support for the University from the general church budget (US - $2.5 million annually). Promising leaders are being equipped to transform their continent through dynamic programs that include: agriculture and natural resources, education, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, management and administration, and theology.
TOTAL GIVEN 2016-2017                                                                   $22,722.00
Above and beyond Faith Promise Missions:
When our congregation hears a need in our global community, they react. Since March of 2016, we have sent the following proceeds:
                         Camp Scholarships                                                                              7,246.90
                         UMCOR Designated                                                                             5,860.00
                         Perry Township S.H.A.R.E.                                                                     526.95
                         U.S.Disasters                                                                                          100.00
                         Ebola                                                                                                       150.00
                         Brightwood Center                                                                                  360.72
                          Fletcher Place Christmas                                                                       108.72
                         United Methodist Children's Home at Lebanon                                       605.71
                         Andrew's Harvest Food Pantry                                                           20,507.58
                         Health Kits (estimated)                                                                             950.00
TOTAL ADDITIONAL MISSION GIVING                                             $36,416.58
TOTAL plus ABOVE AND BEYOND FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS 2016-2017                                                                         $59,138.58